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WELCOME to the Flight Deck

The Sky Is NOT the Limit
The Guts to Try?
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Music: "Planes" Mark Mancina - Planes Soundtrack 2013

Dates: 03-07 June 2024

Gen "Fig" Newton Aviation Camp

Aviation “Ground School”


Aviation Career Tours

Five Day All Aspect Aviation Intensive

Interdisciplinary project-based learning 

Fly A Real Airplane!

Cost: Free
Dates: 18-28 June 2024

Col Alvin Drew Space Camp

Design-Build-Fly High Power Rocket 

Broad subject matter inspirational tours

Hands on active learning

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Very Large Array

NASA/Range Control Facilities

Museum of Space History

“Touch Space,” High Altitude Balloon

Cost: Free
The Guts to Try?
Punch a Hole in The Sky
You Tough Enough?
High Alt Balloons - Lets touch space
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